Ultimate Workout Set

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Faster results than ever before! The gyms are closed, but no problem, train easily at home!

Perfect for weight loss, muscle building and fitness!


Our Ultimate Workout Set is Extremely Effective for both, beginners and advanced. There are unlimited possibilities to train all muscle groups to ensure perfectly fit body.

Please note: There is a high demand for our Ultimate Workout Set as the gyms are closed and training at home is currently the only option. Order quickly to ensure your set!

Shape your body anywhere, anytime

Our Ultimate Workout Set is Perfect way to excercise at home, work or gym. The entire set fits easily into the special carrying bag included in set, so you can take the Ultimate Workout Set with you wherever you go.

5 levels of tubes you can use one by one or combine several together

Unlimited possibilities for any muscle group

What is included in our Ultimate Workout Set

  • 5 Extra Durable Double Layered Rubber Tubes (10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb)
  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles
  • 2 Ankle holder
  • 1 Door Anchor
  • 1 Carrier bag


Disclaimer - Please consult a specialist before using the equipment! There is a risk of injury if used incorrectly.
Make sure that no one opens the door while using the door anchor! Lock the door if possible!