Life-Saving Reflective LED Umbrella

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This Reflective Umbrella Can Be A Real Life-Saver!

It is difficult for drivers to notice pedestrians in the rain. Especially in the dark. Our innovative reflective umbrella significantly improves pedestrian visibility for the driver.

  • A reflective strip on the edge of the umbrella makes the user visible to drivers.

  • The built-in led flashlight is comfortable to use and also increases safety when walking in the dark.

  • The strong aluminum alloy skeleton is light and extremely durable even in stronger winds.

  • The water-repellent material makes it easier to dry the umbrella, just shake off the water drops.

  • Innovative reverse folding technology keeps the outer layer dry in the closed position, also the car stays dry.

  • This umbrella is large enough for even two people at once and you are completely protected from the rain.

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