Auto Skin Tag Remover Kit™

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See Flawless, Beautiful Skin In 1-2 Weeks!

This Auto Skin Tag Removal Kit™ contains everything you need. It's a painless and risk-free method of removing stubborn growths. It can help you remove skin tags from any area of your body. It is intended for use at home and has been clinically proven to produce positive results. It simply cuts off the blood supply and waits for your skin tag to fall off naturally over a few days.


✅ Original Skin Tag Remover uses a ligitation technique with small rubber bands to reduce the blood supply to the skin tags, which is essential for their growth and survival.

✅ It is intended for home use. Remove skin tags in the comfort of your own home, easily and safely.

✅ Treat up to 10 Skin Tags - Each kit includes 1 x Skin Tag removal device, 10x removal bands and 10x cleansing wipes.

✅ Suitable for the removal of Small/Medium skin tags - Specifically designed for the removal of skin tags that are 2-6 mm at their widest point.

✅ The one-handed design allows you to reach skin tagsin hard-to-reach areas.

✅ Quick results: see flawless, beautiful skin in 1-2 weeks! Eliminate skin tags effectively. Skin tag remover dries the skin tags and they just fall away like magic!

Why should you have this Auto Skin Tag Remover Kit™?

✅ Effective & Painless: You can avoid costly and painful invasive cosmetic procedures by using it, which effectively removes skin tags and leaves your skin smooth and healthy. It simply cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag, causing it to fall off naturally and painlessly.

✅ Safe & Chemical Free: Skin tags can be removed at home using a natural, chemical-free skin tag remover tool, which effectively removes those pesky growths. Simply follow the simple instructions to remove skin tags without any pain or discomfort.

✅ Widely Suitable: It is perfect for removing unsightly skin tags from any part of your body, including your face, neck, chin, back, underarms, fingers, and legs. People who get skin tags on a regular basis and need effective treatment should think about this option.

✅ Simple to Use: With the cleaning swab, clean the skin tag and surrounding area. Roll the strap down onto the device. Place the hollow end of the device on the skin tag. Press the button to release the rubber strap when it is flush with the skin's surface. The strap is attached to the bottom of the skin tag until it falls off.

Do not use Auto Skin Tag Remover Kit on skin tags that are:

  • Located around the eyes;
  • Located around the genitals;
  • Very large or long;
  • Causing pain, bleeding, or itching.

Please contact the dermatologist in these cases.


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