Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Grippers

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Don't Wait! It's Too Late If You Are Already Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere!


Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Grippers are helping you easily out from any situation. No matter if you are stuck in mud, snow or sand, it's same effective everywhere!

Next time you are completely stuck in mud or snow you would want to turn back time to get the Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Grippers in your trunk. Don't let it happen and Order Them Now!

Very Effective: Suitable for mud, snow, sand and other off-road situations. You will get moving in most of the cases.
Easy Setup: Just strap them around the top of the tires, tighten the straps and you are good to go. With a little effort you can get your vehicle on the move in minutes.
Compact Design: There is almost no room needed to store these amazing Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Grippers in your car.

Premium Quality: Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Grippers are made of the same type of rubber as your car tires. They last for years and help you out of the mud time and again.0

Set Of 2 includes 2 Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Gripper straps. It is advisable to use several sets together in different situations.


Strap: 104cm / 40.9 inches
Pad length: 18cm / 7.1 inches
Pad width: 7.5cm / 3 inches

Pad thickness: 2.8cm / 1.1 inches

Antistruck™️ Emergency Tire Gripper is designed to Fit All Vehicles. You only have to ensure the the strap (104 cm) protrudes the top of your tire.