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Baseus Portable Air Compressor
Baseus Portable Air Compressor
Baseus Portable Air Compressor
Baseus Portable Air Compressor

Baseus Portable Air Compressor

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Best air compressor for your travel needs.

Baseus Rechargeable Inflator Pump


✔️ Automatic detection of tire pressure
✔️ Convenient Auto start and stop inflation
✔️ 7500mah Lithium battery
✔️ Perfect for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketballs etc.
✔️ Wireless operation and small size makes it super portable
✔️ LED Light
✔️ 5-120 PSI Effective working range

Tire Pressure Status Automatic Display An intelligent sensor chip is built in the air nozzle so the tire pressure is automatically detected and displayed once connected.

Intelligent Digital Display Preset. Manual Adjustment Dual-mode Tire Pressure Setting.

One-key Start. It will automatically stop inflation when it reaches the value of healthy tire pressure.




Input voltage: 5V/2.4A
Battery capacity: 7500mah
Rated energy: 25. 9wh
Power: 54W
Charging time: about 4-5h
Pressure gauge range: 
5-120psi effective working range: 
5-150psl effective detection range;
Exceeding 150psi may damage the sensor.

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