UFO Interactive Rotating Feather Cat Toy™

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Looking for a multifunctional cat toy that will keep your cat entertained while also keeping it healthy?

Playing with our cat is important not only for his health but also to avoid behavioral problems. It is ideal to spend some time each day playing with your cat, but if they require additional stimulation to keep them active for the rest of the day, this UFO Interactive Rotating Feather Cat Toy™ is a great option. It catches cats' attention and keeps them agile and healthy, while also increasing their focused concentration. It was created to keep your pet engaged and active while also providing hours of entertainment and fun. They will not be able to stop playing with it once they see it!

Why should you have this UFO Interactive Rotating Feather Cat Toy™?

✅ Interactive Cat Toy: This glowing UFO 360 Degree self-moving Toy, functions as a feather wand for cat play. In smart mode, this toy can be triggered by your cat's slap and can play with your cat whenever she wants.

✅ Keep Your Cat Healthy & Fit: While you're away, this automatic interactive cat toy will play with your indoor cat; it steers automatically and irregularly, allowing your cat to exercise and have fun. Furthermore, the toy will shut down automatically, allowing your cat to rest.

✅ Relieves Stress & Anxiety: The movement and interaction of the toy are intended to keep the cat entertained and thinking, removing anxiety and keeping them relaxed. This toy will help to keep the cat's bad emotions at bay.

✅ Safe & Adjustable Speed: You can choose the speed at which the feathers emerge from the holes to keep your cat entertained. Natural feathers are both safe for cats and environmentally friendly. ABS is a non-toxic and durable material. It'll be a hit with your pet.

Cat UFO Interactive Teaser Toy™

✅ Rechargeable: This interactive cat toy has a rechargeable battery that can provide several hours of continuous use after being fully charged for one hour. There's no need to be concerned about power outages, and even if you've gone out, your cat will be entertained.


  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Size: Diameter 15.6x9.2cm/6.14x3.62in
  • Weight: 489g

Cat UFO Interactive Teaser Toy™

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