Riding Santa

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This is the most fun outfit for your dog for Christmas Image result for smiling emoji christmas

Santa riding a dog makes a lot of fun for kids and friends. Your dog will feel it will become even more joyful. Don't miss the chance to get your dog a Riding Santa costume!

✔️ Easy to Adjust: Saddle-shaped clothes are designed to be easier for your dog to wear. The hook-and-loop can be adjusted according to the size of the pet to ensure that the dog is more comfortable.
✔️ Atmosphere-creating: Santa’s unique design, put it on and let Santa ride at home. Now your doggie can enjoy the celebration with you.
✔️ Comfortable to Wear: Made of acrylic material, it is easy to put on or take off without disturbing the dog's walking.
✔️ Multiple Sizes: Four sizes available.