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Crystal LED Lamp
Crystal LED Lamp
Crystal LED Lamp
Crystal LED Lamp
Crystal LED Lamp
Crystal LED Lamp

Crystal LED Lamp

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Light up your bedroom in style.

✅ USB Charging - Powered by the USB power cord, Portable and easy to charge. Battery capacity: 1400mAh. Power: 1.5W. Charging time: 1-3 hours and usage time: 6-7 hours.

✅ Widely Used - Suitable for bedroom self-use, living room decoration, workbench and outdoor toys, camping lighting equipment, party gifts and Christmas, birthday gifts, etc.

✅ Ideal Gift - It can be used as a bedside lamp, moonlight, atmosphere lamp, sleep lamp, and can also be used as a party gift and Christmas, holiday, and birthday gift lamp. It is the most exquisite crystal lighting gift for family and friends.

✅ Easy to use - Touch switch operation makes it easy for you to switch between light and dim.

 Sturdy & Durable - Made of Acrylic crystal glass, PVC material and led light, which is more sturdy and durable. Non-toxic, Shockproof and not fragile, Crystal texture, dirt-resistant, high transparency.

✅ Energy Saving & Vision Protection - It uses energy-saving LED bulb core design, low consumption, long life, environmental protection, eye protection, you can even stare at the lamp body for a few hours without dizziness or discomfort.

Package Includes:
1 * LED Ball Light
1 * Lamp Holder Base
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 *User Manual

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