Dog Poop Scooper

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It's probably the Best Pooper Scooper Available!

You can't make your dog poop in one spot all the time (although if you could, that would be great) so it's important to keep your yard clean. We all know dog poop pick up with our hands isn't the sanitary option, that's why we created the Dog Poop Scooper. It's a safe and easy way to clean up after your pup without coming into contact with their feces.Ā Dog poop clean up will be quick and easy every time!

With our pooper scooper, cleaning after your pup is now easy and convenient. This scooper is designed to pick up any size or shape of feces, so you can just scoop and go!

It has an ergonomicĀ and comfortable arched grip to ensure scooping action with less strength.