Flying Hawk Kite Bird Repeller

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The most effective life-like bird repeller kite available

✅ Place the bird scarer flying kite on your farm, it will fly with the breeze to scare birds away, protects your plants and crops successfully.

✅ This vivid flying hawk kite has reflective eyes. Birds are afraid of moving and shiny reflective objects and keep away from it

✅ Fine workmanship makes the bird scarer kite strong and durable; easy to assemble and disassemble

✅ Your flying hawk kite looks real so it scares all birds including Fieldfares, Starlings, Crows, Pigeons, and Gulls.

✅ Works well with even very low wind speeds.


NB! The product does not fit in a parcel machine. Choose a courier for delivery.

In package:

1 x Flying Hawk Kite
1 x connecting wire
NB! Telescopic pole is not included! It can be found at the nearest fishing shop. The best length would be 5-7M.