Professional Grade Knife Sharpener

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Never Struggle With A Blunt Knife Again!

There's a saying, nothing is more dangerous than a blunt knife, and for good reason! Blunt knives cut inconsistently, and require more force to cut something than a sharp knife, which means it's easy to slip and cut yourself.

A kitchen knife should glide through most things you need to cut, and with this professional grade knife sharpener, you'll be able to cut paper thin slices of your favourite vegetables with all your knives!

Why to order?
✔️ The Professional Grade Knife Sharpener can turn blunt knives like new with a few strokes!
✔️ 3 stages of sharpening (Ceramic, Coarse and Fine) ensure the perfect sharpening result
✔️ The non-skid rubber feet ensure stability when sharpening
✔️ Easy to clean and storage

✔️ Replaceable sharpening head ensures longevity.

How to use
1st step - "Ceramic" (preparation): For repairing and straightening damaged blades. Use also for ceramic blades.
2nd step - "Coarse" (shaping): Restores the cutting edge to perfect "V" shape.
3rd step - "Fine" (Sharpen): Polishes the blade and smoothes out any blade irregularities for perfect sharpness.


Move the knife in one direction only!