Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad™

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Looking for a product that will not only reduce leg fatigue and inflammation but will also keep them extra relaxed?

The sole of the foot has been dubbed the "second heart," and stimulating it promotes blood circulation throughout the body. When blood flow is reduced, it becomes more difficult to excrete waste products, which causes chills and swelling. This Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad™ effectively stimulates and massages the foot reflex zones, promoting the body's circulation system, nervous system, lymph system, and pituitary secretions, all of which contribute to the body's best condition. Put this sole in any shoe or sandal to get a relaxing massage anywhere.

Why should you have this Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad™?

Relax Your Feet: These massage pads use acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology therapy to relieve fatigue-related foot pain and stress. After using this foot massage insole, your feet will feel extra relaxed.

Increase Blood Circulation: The massage points on it are rounded, which helps to increase blood circulation. It massages your feet without overdoing it. It is made of cobblestones and aids in stress relief, leg cramp prevention, and the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Lymphatic Two Way Massage Foot Pad™

Massage Your Feet Anywhere: This is an acupuncture insole that is designed to fit most shoes. Put this sole in any shoe or sandal for a relaxing massage wherever you go. These soles will properly adapt to your shoes and help you on a daily basis.

Multifunctional: This massage footpad aids in metabolism enhancement, thigh slimming, and leg inflammation reduction. It also relieves foot pain caused by arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions. It restores balance in your body.

Easy to Use: It is also very simple to use; simply remove the original insole from your shoes. Cut the footpad to fit the size of your shoes. Insert the footpad into the shoes and use either the cobblestone or flat cotton side, depending on your needs.


  • Material: PVC
  • Insole height: 1cm-3cm

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