Winch Snatch Recovery Ring™

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Are you looking for a snatch recovery ring that is reliable, safe, and can improve the performance of your winch?

Sometimes it is inevitable that the car will break down while driving, whether it be on the highway or in the mud. In order to move the car out of the undesirable location at this time, you might need a tow rope and winch snatch recovery ring. With a breaking strength of 41000 lbs, it is a reliable, safe, and lightweight replacement for traditional metal snatch blocks. This technique is effective when used with a soft shackle and synthetic winch rope. Compared to a snatch block, it doesn't harm the soft shackle as much. For overlanding trips or competitions where your co-driver must climb steep inclines, it makes the ideal truck accessory.

Why should you have this Winch Snatch Recovery Ring™?

 41,000lbs Breaking Strength: Recovery rings provide greater working strength than a conventional snatch block with standard rigging for off-road adventurers hauling heavy loads with racks, rooftop tents, and loaded camping gear (41,000lbs breaking strength).

 Reduce Friction Wear: Because the winch snatch block is soft and can be combined with a soft shackle, it can be used with synthetic winch ropes to reduce friction wear. Additionally, a smooth surface treatment reduces friction load and wear.

 Durable & Tough: Utilizing a high-strength aluminum alloy, the weaving is tight and precise with exceptional endurance. It is stronger and safer than conventional snatch blocks, and it can prevent and minimize vehicle vibration while towing a trailer.

 Lightweight & Easy to Use: Use a lightweight recovery ring instead of a heavy traditional snatch block to make recovery safer, quicker, and more reliable. It has the greatest strength and flexibility and is also simple to attach and detach.

 Wide Compatibility: It is designed to work perfectly for the majority of traction applications. For instance, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles used for agriculture, industry, mining, etc. are all readily available and frequently used in ATV UTVatv winch ring accessories.


  • Material type: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 0.37kg
  • Color: Black blue red

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