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Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner - GrandOakTree
Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner - GrandOakTree
Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner - GrandOakTree

Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner

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This is a true Beauty innovation!

Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner

NB! This product includes Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner only! You need also Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyelashes to use it. Get it from here 👉 https://grandoaktree.com/eyelash-kit 


It makes wearing false eyelashes so easy and comfortable! 

It is ridiculously easy to use. Just apply Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner (not included!), and the magnetic eyelash will effortlessly 'clicks' to the eyeliner! It stays all day, but is easily removableeasy to clean and can be reused again and again!

Glamour Eye Enhancing: Fashionable style false eyelash with excellent length and width make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. Magemare®️ magnetic eyelashes combined with your own eyelashes create a relaxed and beautiful look.

No glue, No pain in pulling, No chemicals!

The eyeliner uses ultra-fine magnetic particles for a natural touch. It will not irritate your eyes or damage your natural eyelashes.

Reusable: After use, use a moist towel to clean the eyelashes of cosmetics or other residues. When not in use, be sure to store the magnetic eyelashes in a protective case. With proper care and storage, Magemare®️ magnetic eyelashes can be reused again and again.

1 x Magemare®️ Magnetic Eyeliner


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