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Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree
Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup - GrandOakTree

Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup

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The Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup is Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Cost-Effective and can be Worn for Up to 12 Hours in row!

Feel Ultimate Comfort During Period!

10,000 tampons and pads are disposed of by a woman during her lifetime.

✔️ Made from silky smooth silicone to promote comfort and ease of use. 100% medical grade silicone contains no latex, plastics, BPAs, chemicals or toxins.

✔️ Passed FDA, CE and ROHS tests.

✔️ Small suction holes create a light suction seal in your vagina. This guarantees you 12 Hours leak-free and comfy time!

✔️ Grip rings at the base help ease your cup out. The grip rings also prevent your cup from slipping out of grip during removal.

✔️ It's so comfortable, you won't even feel it!

✔️ Most women bleed between 20ml and 50ml each cycle. It's easy to measure your flow and keep track of your menstrual cycle. Inside of each cup, you’ll find handy volume markings. Single Pretty Woman™️ Menstrual Cup can hold four as much as a tampon!

✔️ Can be easily used during sitting, walking, running, shopping, cycling, swimming, saunas, public showers etc.


👉 S size Menstrual Cup is suitable for Normal flow.

👉 L size Menstrual Cup is suitable for Heavy flow.

We recommend that you buy two different sizes of Menstrual Cups to deal with different menstrual conditions. Price is also better for two!



1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the cup. Use warm water and soap, making sure you scrub for at least 20 seconds before rinsing.

2. Wash your cup with a mild soap and sterilize before using it the first time (see below point 13). Pick a fragrance-free soap labeled for sensitive skin. Thoroughly rub the cup inside and out with the soap and warm water, and then rinse the soap off completely.

3. Get into a position that feels comfortable to you. Some people prefer to squat, while others find balancing one leg up higher works well. You can even just sit on the toilet, spreading your legs apart.

 4. Fold the cup to make it easier to insert. You can try the c-fold, where you squeeze the opening together then fold the opening in half. Another option is the punch-down fold. Hold the cup between your thumb and middle finger, then press one edge down with your index finger, pushing it in toward the center of the cup.

  • You can't put it in without folding it, as the suction will work against you. Try out different folds and see which one works best for you.
  • You can also wet the cup slightly to make it easier to slide in.
  • Make sure the stem is facing downward and the bowl is facing upward.


 5. Relax your muscles as much as you can. If you're nervous, you'll tense up, and that will make it harder to insert. Try tensing your vaginal muscles for a moment and then releasing them.

6. Push the cup back toward your tailbone. With your other hand, spread your labia (lips) apart. Gently press the folded cup into your vaginal opening, moving more front to back than upward. Release the fold and let the cup move into place.

  • Typically, the cup won't go as high as a tampon, though you can push it higher if you'd like.
  • If it doesn't feel right, try inserting it again to see if it feels more comfortable.

7. Twist the cup to make sure it seals. Grab the base of the cup by the sides (not the stem) and turn it at least 1 full rotation. This will help ensure that the sides pop out completely to create the seal.

  • You may hear or feel a "pop," which is a sign that the cup has opened. If you're not sure, reach up and feel around the base of the cup. It should be round or oval, depending on your body shape.
  • If it hasn't opened, pull lightly down on the stem without actually pulling the cup out.

8. Check the cup every 12 hours. Most of the time, you can get away with leaving the cup in for 12 hours. That means you only have to empty it in the morning and at night, which you can do in the comfort of your home.
If you have a particularly heavy period, you may need to empty it more often.

9. Sit over a toilet to take the cup out. While some women need to take it out standing up, you should try it over a toilet. It can be messy if you don't have the technique down yet. Don't worry, though. Once you figure out the best way for you to remove it, it tends to make very little mess at all!

10. Pull the cup out by breaking the seal first. You can't just yank the cup out, as suction will be working against you! Instead, grab the base of the cup just above the stem and pinch the sides together. That should break the seal enough for you to pull it out. Make sure to keep it upright as you pull it out.

  • If that doesn't break the seal, try moving one finger over the rim of the cup.
  • Don't worry if you can't get it out on your first try! It can't get "lost" in your vagina; your vagina doesn't work that way. Take a moment, relax, and then try again.


11. Empty the cup into the toilet. Continue to keep it upright as you move it toward the toilet, and then turn it over to dump out the contents. If you can't wash it out right then, you can simply wipe it off with toilet paper and re-insert it.
Be careful not to drop it in the toilet! If you do, make sure to wash it thoroughly before putting it back in.

12. Wash your cup with soap and water. If possible, rinse the cup out in the sink. Then, rub it down with soap and warm water, making sure to use running water to get all the soap off. Then, you can put the cup back in.
It's best to use a mild, unscented soap.

13. Sterilize the cup before first use and between periods by boiling it. Wash the cup out with soap and water. Then, bring water to a boil in a small pot. Place it in the pot, and boil it for 5-7 minutes to sanitize it. You'll likely want to keep a separate pot just for this purpose.

  • If the cup is stained, use 70% rubbing alcohol on it.
  • You can also clean it with a sterilizing solution, like what you would use for baby bottles.


Source: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Menstrual-Cup

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