Microfiber Velvet Makeup Sponge

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✔️ Non-latex, non-allergic material
✔️ NEW! Microfiber Fluff Surface
✔️ Oil-control, absorb excess oil = perfect makeup!
✔️ Easy to clean

NEW! Microfiber fluff surface - This puff does not absorb your liquid foundation, and has the advantage as a silicone puff. 

It can be used in wet and dry:

  • Wet: Wet the sponge in water until it get bigger. Then squeeze excess water out of the sponge.
  • Dry: Suitable for dry powder products. Microfiber fluff surface is like little brushes, can easily use pressed powder and other powders.

Our Microfiber fluff surface can absorb excess oil from the skin surface. Help you create a more perfect makeup.

It's easy to clean because of Microfiber fluff surface, all you do is rinse the surface off with soap and water, and you're done!