Wood Manual Mechanical Open-Closed Sign™

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Looking for a unique & eye-catching open/close sign for your business?

Our Wood Manual Mechanical Open-Closed Sign™ is all that you need. It is a "Revolutionary" open-closed signboard that incorporates interesting typographic tricks as well as a gear mechanism. Simply turn the handle to open and close the switch in a magical way. It features a unique gear mechanism. Our front door signs look great as a shop decoration. The elegance of its design will astound your guests. It's also a great educational toy for kids because it teaches them how gears work. It is a noticeable sign that draws people's attention and allows them to read the words written on it.

Why should you have this Wood Manual Mechanical Open-Closed Sign™?

 Unique Open-Closed Sign: The beauty of its structure is the first thing that strikes you. Many parts are meticulously calculated and assembled to form one-of-a-kind shapes. The Open and Closed Sign Simply turn the handle to switch between "Open" and "Close."

 Elegant & Eye-Catching: This sign is elegant and generous; the words on it are neatly and smoothly written, adding to its charm. It is also eye-catching, attracting people's attention and allowing them to notice the words written on it.

 Quality Materials: The open and closed business signs are made of wood panels. It's lightweight and durable enough for everyday use. Specially cut and edged to avoid sharp spikes and brittleness.

 Two Ways to Use: It is simple to use and durable enough for daily use. There are two types available to suit your needs: standing and hanging. It's lightweight and durable enough for everyday use.

 Wide Suitability: The openclosed sign is appropriate for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and pet shops, and can also be used as home decoration; you can hang it in front of the store to inform customers about the current state of the store.


  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 26cm x 15cm x 5cm/10.24" x 5.91" x 1.97" (Approx.)

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