Orthopedic Pinky Toe Corrector

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Orthopedic Pinky Toe Corrector helps to reduce pressure and friction on the Little Toe area.


Fits easily over your foot providing superior cushioning that won't slip when you move.

Orthopedic Pinky Toe Corrector is mainly designed to wear in shoes or situation that some external thing may irritate your bunion. Help to reduce pressure and friction on the bunion on the outside of the foot.

Relieve Your Pinky Toe From Pain And Stiffness. Orthopedic Pinky Toe Corrector will help reduce the pressure on your little toe, alleviate any pain and soreness, and prevent callus formation as well!

Easy to wear. Orthopedic Pinky Toe Correctors are easy to put on; simply slip your little toe through the loop, slide the loop all the way down to the base of your toe, and then place the pad over the spot where it hurts you the most!

Protects the Bunionette. The Soft Gel Sleeve helps to relieve pain caused by friction or soreness from overlapping, crooked toes, or the irritation caused by rubbing in shoes.

The package includes 1 PAIR of Orthopedic Pinky Toe Correctors.