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Dent Repair Kit
Dent Repair Kit
Dent Repair Kit
Dent Repair Kit

Dent Repair Kit

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Easily repair car dents!

✅ Easy to Repair - No need to wait for the car dent repair in the repair shop, most of the dent removal can be finished in half-hour. so it will save 90% at least by dent removal tool kit making dent removal. And the dent removal kit comes with detailed repair steps introduction for operating.

✅ Paint Friendly - Dent pullers padded rubber feet can protect the original car paint, it won't hurt your car paint, no toxic chemicals are included, keep and retain your car value. The glue will easy to remove after you spray alcohol on it. Remember to clean the paint before pasting. (Note: aging car paint might fall off by any pressure).

High Quality Material -  The material of paintless dent repair tools is selected to avoid any safety threat. They won’t break when taking a normal range of pressure. All products have passed strict quality control before shipping out of the factory.

NB! Glue and Glue Remover is not included!

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