Professional Eyebrow Stencil 24-pcs Set

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Hey, still draw eyebrow by yourself? Why not use this 24 styling Professional Eyebrow Stencil Set?

These eyebrow stencils make it easy for you to draw beautiful eyebrows with which you can feel free and comfortable every day! These save your time and help you to complete all style you need for your party/date/work.


✔️ Professional Eyebrow Stencil with 24 different shapes (elegant, classic, delicate, glamorous etc.)
✔️ Reusable and practical eyebrow stencils offer you precise and easy tracing
✔️ Great beauty tool for easily making your eyebrows look classy
✔️ Choose the perfect stencil that matches your natural brow shape
✔️ Highly durable and long lasting ABS stencil

Package contains:

24 Pcs Professional Eyebrow Stencil Set