Soil Moisture Meter Hygrometer

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✅  High-quality materials: This product is made of high-quality plastic and iron materials, which are light-resistant, heat-resistant and durable.

✅ Indicator light: Green light flashes once every 2 hours to indicate good humidity, orange light flashes once every 6 seconds to indicate moderate humidity water.

✅  Easy to use: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the device on or off. When the battery power is low, you only need to remove the back cover and replace the AAA battery.

✅ Herbal care: Using this product, you can clearly understand the water shortage of plants, and avoid improper watering leading to plant death.

✅ Wide application range: This product has a wide application range. By adjusting the depth of insertion into the soil, it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Product Information:
Measurement accuracy: 98
Size: 14
Type: Single Pack
Brand: Field Trail
Scope of application: Plant soil water shortage reminder
Model: Upgraded second generation
Weight: 0.14

Packing list:
Moisture Analyzer*1