Electric Fly Trap™

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Do you want to kill all the flies & create a comfortable, safe environment around you?

 Flies are an annoying problem that you and your loved ones face every time spring and summer come around. Luckily, you can now say goodbye to the entire toxic and chemical-filled fly trap because we have designed a better alternative: Electric Fly Trap™. It’s safe, silent, nontoxic, and perfectly safe for your loved ones. It safely kills ll the flies around you and gives you a comfortable environment.

Why should you have this Electric Fly Trap?

  Easily Trap Flies: By using cheap sugar as bait, you can quickly catch hundreds of flies. It is perfect for kennels, farms, and kitchens. Please keep it indoors and make sure there is a power outlet because it is not waterproof.

 Safe to Use: It is free of radiation, toxins, chemicals, and noise. It ensures the safety of both people and the environment, making it the perfect option for baby nurseries or adult bedrooms.


 Super Silent: This FlyTrap™ compared to the electric insect catchers that make horrible noise scares your children and pets and does not make any horrible sound. It is as gentle as the whispers.

 Principle of Working: Fill the five bait stations on the trap with sugar water or soft food crumbs. The spinning arm sweeps over the flies while they feast, trapping them inside. They fly into the collection tray, where they soon pass away. To empty the tray, unplug the red stopper at the bottom.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: DC 5-10V
  • Frequency: 55/65HZ
  • Product size: 23*8CM

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